A Visual Hammer Reinforces a Brand’s Purpose

Your brand’s visual hammer – a term coined by Laura Ries – reinforces what your brand’s all about. And because you’re an entrepreneur, your brand’s visual hammer really reinforces what you’re all about. I wrote quite a bit about that in Entrepreneurs, Your Brand is You

Our Visual Hammer – The Red Glasses

More and more people have been joking around with us lately, saying we see the world through rose-colored glasses. Of course, that’s both literally, and figuratively, true.

We truly believe entrepreneurs are the key to making our world a happier place – particularly entrepreneurs who are fighting for a cause they believe in.

How do Entrepreneurs do That?

See, if entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to fight for something they believe in, beyond money, other like-minded people will join them. And when those people join them, they’re happier because they’re also fighting for something they believe in. And that can only make them happier in their personal lives, as well.
Mayniax Branding, in Ann Arbor - We see the world through rose-colored glasses
Imagine a world where every brand is built around a cause – causes like ending world hunger, giving homes to the homeless, providing great education to everyone, etc. the possibilities are endless.

That’s why our visual hammer is our rose-colored red glasses. Because we see that world, and will do anything we can to help entrepreneurs build it.

The Big Finish

If you have struggling entrepreneurs in your area, and you believe in them, help them out. Do whatever you can. Because if they’re passionate, if they’re fighting for a cause beyond profit, they won’t let you down.

And you’ll have helped make the world a happier place.

Stay gutsy, gang!

The world is broken, and we believe only entrepreneurs can fix it. But they’ll never get that chance if no one cares about their brands. So, with a little bit o’ nuttiness, a little bit o’ research, and a lotta bit o’ guts, it’s our job to make people care.

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