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Mayniax Branding Changes Name and Logo!

Mayniax Branding Changes Name and Logo!

Yesterday, the international news media quoted me as saying, “It’s time for us to finally keep up with the Joneses!” Said Dave Murray, The Big Dog at Maniacs Branding.

Wait, “Maniacs Branding,” you say? “Big Dog?”

That’s right, folks – we’ve changed the name and are working on changing the culture! You see, we realized differentiation is crap. All anyone wants is to be just like everyone else, so we thought, “Why wouldn’t we do the same?”

When Vanessa and I started talking about the changes, we decided to begin with the obvious: the common spelling of maniacs. It’s common sense, right? I mean, duh!

Speaking of Vanessa, she had a chihuahua growing up, and loved it! And, since I’ve always thought chihuahuas are crazy, we decided to use a silhouetted chihuahua head, rather than googly eyes for our icon. It’s even helping us with our culture change! One of the things we’re currently contemplating is biting clients’ ankles as they come in the door, just to reinforce the whole “chihuahua” idea.

The New Name and Logo!

Our new name and logo design

When it comes to the rest of our new logo design, my mom’s always liked the colors black and yellow. And, since we can’t do everything mom wants, we had to add white, too. I know that’s three colors instead of the two colors or less we always recommend, but why would we go for the Fortune 100 when continuing to be a small, local business is perfectly adequate?

Our New Focus

And we have one more quick change we want to tell you folks about: we’re totally changing the focus! I mean, branding will still be a part of it, but we know about other stuff, too. In addition to branding, we’ll be offering the following: marketing, social media updates, base-jumping lessons, kickboxing classes, yoga, and of course, shots for when you get bitten by rabid spider monkeys.

Like I said, we’re keeping up with the Joneses.

Look for a totally new look and feel to start rolling out tomorrow, and as always…

Stay scrappy, folks!