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5 Marketing Without Branding Quotes!

5 Gutsy Marketing Without Branding Quotes!

I like to think we’ve made it pretty clear that our people are gutsy entrepreneurs. They’re who we want to help because they’re the only ones who can fix our broken world. But alas, Vanessa and I are also entrepreneurs. And sometimes, as an entrepreneur, you need to treat yourself to a lazy blog post. It’s kind of like an old school recap show for a sitcom – you know you have to put something on the air, but you just don’t have the energy to come up with new material.

We’ve talked about how marketing without a brand is sort of – well – idiotic. We like to say that marketing without branding is like inviting people to a house party without a house. Sure, some of your hardcore friends will stay, just to be nice, but everyone else will end up going to a real party. And we started wondering, “What do our fellow branders have to say about marketing without branding?”

With that, I give you Marketing Without Branding Quotes!

“Marketing without branding is like fishing without a hook.”

-Branding Strategy as Your Secret Marketing Weapon, by Liz Papagni – @MrktgWorx

In this article, Liz Papagni talks about the experience of one’s brand, and discusses brand experience, positioning, and how your brand creates brand evangelists. It’s a solid read that will help anyone understand branding a bit better.

“But being short-sighted is not good for business. Marketing will make a sale today, but the brand is what sells today, tomorrow, next quarter, next year, 5 years from now…”

-Why Marketing Without Branding Will Lose You Money Every Time, by Worst of All Design

The simple definitions these folks use for marketing and branding are fantastic! “Marketing: How people find you,” and “Branding: WHY people buy” are simple enough for even me to understand. If I didn’t actually get branding, that is. So give this article a look.

As an added bonus, you gotta love any company that uses the word “badassery” for a link.

“Branding takes time, dedication, and a lot of work. Can you honestly put the cart before the horse if it means bringing in necessary revenue for your company to continue operating?”

-Which Comes First, Branding or Marketing? by Liz Papagni – @MrktgWorx

Holy crap! When I was doing this research, I had no idea this was the same author as the one for our first quote. Clearly, Liz Papagni is good people!

Oh, and to answer the title of this post, Liz says no. Apologies if you didn’t want to be spoiled. For yours truly, the part in this article I found most interesting is under “Choosing Your Marketing Channels.” Lately, I’ve been playing more with psychographics than demographics, wondering if the marketing channel really mattered as long as you found people who believe in your brand’s cause. “With brand standards firmly in place, you can approach any marketing channels, both traditional and digital, with the perfect message for the customers impacted by those outlets.” I can dig it.

“The big idea around the brand itself is more important than the big idea behind your marketing campaign.”

-Great Marketing Relies on a Strong Brand Proposition, by Amanda Phillips @RealAmandaP

This article’s a great one for branding enthusiasts and numbers people alike! In here, Amanda Phillips talks percentages that show how advertising without a clear brand proposition is weak, and how a strong brand proposition can actually stand pretty well on its own.

The whole idea is that communicating what the brand stands for leads to huge growth. And she uses some of the most well-known brands in the world to illustrate her point. Which I, of course, like!

“Marketing without branding is a waste of time and money.”

-Branding vs. Marketing: Knowing the Difference Can Increase Your Bottom Line, by Heather Dowell @Hdowellbreakice

I’m gonna confess, I like this quote because that’s how blunt I am in client meetings. That right, gang – it’s all about me. But Heather Dowell says a lot of quality stuff in her article, including thoughtful descriptions of what branding and marketing are, as well as what each one does for a business. And every time someone points out that “Branding is more than a name, logo and design,” a small, happy tear forms in the corner of my eye.

And, as an added bonus…

Brand Marketing: What Marketing Without Branding Looks Like, by Sandra Hamway @InfuseFive, is a case study published in 2013, about a horrible mishap, on the cover of a set of Anne of Green Gables books. The long and short: the publisher used an image of someone who didn’t look at all like how the character’s been portrayed since 1908. And the Amazon crowd ripped it to shreds.

So, there ya have it. Vanessa and I aren’t alone in our feelings on trying to market products and services before branding them. Though I still like to think we are alone in the nutty way we present such things.

And so, thus ends this entrepreneur’s lazy blog post. Big thanks to all the writers who contributed to it – even if they didn’t know they were doing so. Have fun, and as always…

Stay gutsy, gang!