Dave’s Talking Branding on March 8th!

Dave’s Talking Branding on March 8th!

My name’s Dave Murray, and I’m an incorrigible smartass. But I take branding very seriously.

Dave Murray Mayniax Branding Incorrigible Smartass

As The Big Guy at Mayniax Branding, I believe the world’s broken, and entrepreneurs are the only ones who can fix it. But, if no one cares about their brands, those entrepreneurs will never have that chance. That’s why I do what I do. And that’s why Mayniax Branding does what it does.

Also as The Big Guy at Mayniax Branding, I’m constantly having to teach gutsy entrepreneurs the immense importance of telling the world why they got into the entrepreneurship game in the first place. They fight it. They resist it. They tell me I’m full of things unsuitable for typing on the interwebz.

And then their businesses don’t grow.

Mayniax Branding believes your "why" leads to your passion, which leads to your mission, which leads to your culture.

For pre-gaming purposes, read Your Brand’s “Why” & Meppy Chriswanzukah! You’ll see why we think the, well, “why” is so important. Plus, you’ll get a happy little image of Vanessa and I being, well, Vanessa and I during the 2015 Chriswanzukah season.

Personal Branding

I’m also gonna talk a little bit about personal branding, how I got to be King Dave of Ann Arbor, and how to figure out your own personal brand. Hint: It’s a whole lot easier than you think. It’ll be slightly more in-depth than my last blog post: Let’s Talk Personal Branding, but reading that’s a good warm-up.

Dave Murray Mayniax Branding King Dave of Ann Arbor 2

What You’ll Learn

1. The three reasons your why is so important, and the two whys that don’t cut it.
2. The best way to structure your elevator pitch, using your personal brand.
3. Whatever my weird brain thinks of on March 8th

Details Galore!

What: Ann Arbor Connectors’ Club Lunch and Learn – Personal Branding and Communicating Your “Why”
When: Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 • 11:15 am – 1:00 pm
Where: Buffalo Wild Wings • 3150 Boardwalk Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
What you need: Lunch money! And pants. Or not. I don’t judge.

So plug March 8th into your phones, and get there early, as seating is extremely limited. And hey, while you’re there, enjoy some wings and beer. Unless you’re a vegetarian. Then you’ll probably just want the beer.

Stay gutsy, gang!