Dave Murray

Happy Branding Birthday to Us!

One year ago, today, the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti region’s favorite branding and brand strategy team took the area by storm! The area just didn’t know it, yet.

Entrepreneurship Isn’t for Sissies

Starting a business is hard. It’s really hard. And, when you start a business in a category people don’t always understand, it’s doubly hard. Next to my dad dying, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I really want to drive that point home, because I don’t want anyone reading this to think it’s a piece of cake. The thing is, when you have a powerful “why” and know the end result of what you do is a far better life for everyone you do business with, you slog through it. Because – and not to sound gushy – because it’s the right thing to do.


Year One Brand Strategy

We have a three-year goal of being the number one branding / brand strategy team in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area. With that in mind, year one’s strategy was simple: get visible! To accomplish that, we focused on three tactics:

1. Getting our website to the top of Google in area branding searches
2. Maintaining a strong social media presence
3. Networking and doing some speaking engagements

For number one, we’re really close. I’m able to blog fairly regularly, which Google digs, and we recently sent for the all-important Google postcard, which should propel us to very nearly the number one spot. We’re currently on page two.

For number two, there’s always room for improvement, but our Facebook and Instagram pages are actually ranking higher than our website in several searches, which is pretty cool, but only because we know the postcard’s on its way.

When it comes to number three, we’re crushing it! I spoke at an Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Regional Chamber event that was well-received, and am currently scheduled to speak at a Lead Gen on Tap event on July 30th. After that, Vanessa and I have been asked to put on a branding workshop for The Entrepreneurship Center at Washtenaw Community College, which we’ll be spring boarding into more workshops. I was even lucky enough to be featured on The Chris Lee Show. Like I said – crushing it!

It’s Fun Being Us

Ya know how, on every pic you see on social media, people look like they’re having the best day EVAR!!!? – Hell, you’ve probably seen pics of us that look like that – well, I’m not gonna lie: we’ve had our share of throw downs – with each other, even – utter dismay, and even a few pull-our-hair-out-by-the-roots moments – which, as you may have seen from pics, I really can’t afford to do. But I’d also be lying if I didn’t tell you we have far more than our fair share of absolutely fantastic days!

Our clients are utterly fanatical. Seriously, we may be Mayniax, but they’re crazy! We’ve met great people who are always trying to find ways to get us more business. Many of those people, and our clients, have even become friends of ours. And, since Vanessa and I have been working together for so long – Mayniax may be one-year-old, but we’ve been working together for six-and-a-half *gulp* – we can usually get our points across without pushing TOO many buttons, and with quite a few laughs, to boot.

In short, it really is fun being us.


What’s in Store for Year Two?

We’re going to continue doing what we’ve been doing, along with running some ad campaigns, and really developing our branding workshops, so we can help as many gutsy business owners and entrepreneurs as possible. From there, the sky’s the limit for the gutsiest branding team in every known, and unknown, dimension!

Was that a little too sci-fi? My bad.


Thanks to everyone for such a great first year, and here’s to another great one for all of you! Okay, and us. Heh heh.


If you have any questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or email us from our Contact page.

And, as always, stay gutsy, gang!