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Mayniax Maniacs Referral Program

Mayniax Maniacs Referral Program

Mayniax Branding - The Mayniax Maniacs referral program for the gutsy friends and clients of Mayniax Branding!

Vanessa and I have fought ourselves over The Mayniax Maniacs Referral Program for over a year. I mean, a referral program? Isn’t that something local businesses do and real brands don’t?

I don’t know if you know this, but we’re all about entrepreneurs. That typed, we’re also well aware of the importance of brand strategy, and do everything we can to practice what we preach to the entrepreneurship community.

Fortunately, I think we’re good on the brand strategy side. And pizza. We’re definitely good with pizza.

But why have we fought ourselves?

First, I couldn’t get the thought it could be taken as a discount out of my head. Discounts are awful for brands, and there are two reasons for that:

1. It devalues a brand’s product or service. If a customer can get it at a low price once, they figure they should be able to get it at that price all the time.
2. Discounts mostly bring in customers who are just looking for a deal. They don’t believe in loyalty or the value of a brand – they only believe in saving a buck. And you don’t need that in your life.

And second, we didn’t want just anyone referring to us. We only want people that believe in our mission, who we are, and what we offer – clients or others whom we’ve worked with.

That second part’s easy: clients are in, and others are in by invitation only.

Plus, remember that one video we recorded where we said we wanted to put together a referral program?

Why Do We Want to Create a Referral Program?

Hey, I’m all for transparency – and if you don’t believe that, read 3 Life Lessons for Gutsy Entrepreneurs – so here ya go: in theory, it’ll help give Mayniax Branding an added push. But beyond that, and more importantly, it’s in keeping with our mission to help gutsy entrepreneurs.

How does the Mayniax Maniacs Referral Program Work?

I’m glad you typed that question, Dave.

Thanks, Dave!

Mayniax Branding - Dave tells he Dave he asked a great question. And then Dave celebrates for asking that great question. Weird.


The Mayniax Maniacs Referral Program is actually really simple, because that’s how my brain works: When we get paid from someone who was referred to us, the gutsy entrepreneur who did said referring will receive 10% of the total amount. So, if we do a $180 sit-down with a new client, the entrepreneur who referred said client get’s $18. If we build a full-on $20,000 brand for a new client, the entrepreneur who referred them will get $2,000.

We will, however, cap it at $2,000 per referred client, because if we include monthly and retainer fees, the bookkeeper might end us. We won’t, however, cap the number of clients you send us. Because that would be dumb for all involved.

So you can see how this helps us AND is in keeping with our mission to help our entrepreneurs! Even though the bookkeeper’s still gonna hate us a little bit.

When Does the Mayniax Maniacs Referral Program Start?

If you’re a client, or someone we’ve worked with whom we trust, expect to receive an official announcement in your email within the next week. And if you’re not a client and believe in why we do what we do, let’s get you on the path to becoming a client!

Now, does anyone know of any ways to calm down a partially psychotic bookkeeper?

Stay gutsy, gang!

The world is broken, and we believe only entrepreneurs can fix it. But they’ll never get that chance if no one cares about their brands. So, with a little bit o’ nuttiness, a little bit o’ research, and a lotta bit o’ guts, it’s our job to make people care.

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Dave Murray

Working with Ann Arbor’s Branding Team, Pt. 2

Working with Ann Arbor’s Branding Team, Pt. 2

In Working with Ann Arbor’s Branding Team, Pt. 1, I walked you, our latest gutsy entrepreneur, through the first three parts of our zany branding process. We helped you figure out your “why.” We taught you the importance of focusing on one product per brand. And finally, we did the research so we could come up with all kinds of little tricks and strategies to keep you top-of-mind when it comes to current and prospective clients.

And that was just the beginning!

Our Gutsy Branding Process

Naming Your Gutsy Brand!

It’s time, gutsy entrepreneur. It’s time to come up with one of the most important parts of your brand – and yet, a part that is far too often governed by ignorance. But fret not! Because naming your own gutsy brand is one of the reasons we get paid the big bucks!

Not the huge $80,000 that some firms charge for brand naming, of course. Maybe we should just get into the naming business. Kidding!

The topic of naming your gutsy brand could take a few blog posts on its own – hmmm, that might not be a bad idea – so here are the highlights:

Use a Made-up Word!

We start out trying to come up with made-up words for three reasons:

1. Google loves a branded search
2. You likely won’t run into trademark problems
3. Your made-up word may end up standing for the category, like “Kleenex” for tissues

Those are gigantic upsides to coming up with a made-up word, which is obviously why we do it. But if you, our gutsy friend, are allergic to having a killer brand – ah, my legendary bluntness – then we’ll use regular words. But there’s a catch.

We won’t use generic words!

When we say “generic words,” we mean words that are far too common, or have multiple meanings, because if they’re already defined, they can’t define a category.

When Vanessa and I went out on our own, our first brand was called “Good Stuff Studios.” And, my gutsy entrepreneurial friend, it doesn’t get much more generic than that. “Good” is subjective, so it doesn’t really mean anything. “Stuff” is about as generic as it gets. And as for “Studios,” that could be any kind of studio – design, music, dance, video, movie, etc.

Mayniax Branding - Name the Branding Mistakes in the Good Stuff Studios Logo!

What I’m saying is we chose an awful brand name early on. But when it comes to you, we know better! We wouldn’t dream of using words like “group,” “technology,” “business,” “solutions,” “systems,” “company,” “good,” “stuff,” “studios,” etc.

Name the Branding Mistakes!

Especially since the goal in the first place is to use a made-up word.

Sidenote: I should’ve been way more into Dr. Seuss.

The “Word”

This is one of the easiest parts of branding for us, because you likely won’t fight us on it!

At this point in the game, we’ve chatted quite a bit. We’ve gotten to know ya, and have probably all drank 10 times our combined body weights in caffeine. We have a good idea of who you are, and you have a good idea of who we are.

And so we start throwing words out there that remind us of you. The ultimate goal being that the word we all come up with will remind people of your brand, which will ultimately remind people of the category your brand’s in. It’s another top-of-mind thing.

We come up with the right word, we all celebrate over some red eyes, and now it’s time to start bringing this whole thing together!

And notice we haven’t even gotten to your logo yet! That’s because that’s part of the strategy, and we’re still nailing down your culture. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it.

It’ll just require a little more caffeine.

In Closing

Stay tuned for Pt 3 of our Working With Ann Arbor’s Branding Team series, and we’ll catch ya next time.

Stay gutsy!

If you’re looking for branding help in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area, feel free to get a hold of us at And don’t forget to visit our About page, just to see if you’d wanna work with us, anyway.

Oh, and you should probably fill your coffee cup. It’s getting low.