Our Gutsy Philosophy

Our branding philosophy’s simple: if you don’t brand, or if you don’t brand correctly, you won’t be as successful as you should be.

The point of branding is to get, and stay, in the minds of current and potential customers. If you don’t, you’re not even an option. And if you’re not an option, you’re losing money. That’s why we feel branding’s the most important thing you can do for your business. (After not sucking at what you do, of course. Duh.)

We talk about working with gutsy people, but let’s be honest: you don’t need to be gutsy to brand. You simply must understand if you want a shot at being the next big thing, you need to do it. That’s where your passions and personality, and our strategy and design, combine. So let other business owners whine and complain about not making it. We need to get busy. We need to get crazy!

We need to get you branded.

Since you know our philosophy, you may want to know more about who we are, so sit back, relax, and check out our about pages.

Take Your Next Gutsy Step

Dave, from Mayniax Branding, has produced many graphics for CaerusNet and also my pool leagues. He’s crafty, professional, cares about his work and is definitely doing what he should be doing in life … they don’t call him “The King” for nothing when it comes to branding.

Steven ZyskowskiFounder, CaerusNet

Mayniax Branding is great at what they do. They are able to identify and clarify what is needed to get your name and your brand out there. They do all of this with a great sense of humor and an ability to put you at ease enough to get to the heart of what needs to happen. They are creative and visionary. I would recommend Mayniax Branding for all of your branding needs.

Catherine PrattIDS: Spencer Pratt Designs

Mayniax Branding has always done excellent, fast, and great quality work for the Radio Station, Radio OPIE. They always spend as much time that is needed to make sure the brand is brought forward to the public in great light.

Kelly MichalakCo-founder, Radio OPIE

Mayniax Branding is their name and the gutsiest branding is their game. Logo creation, look, feel. All those things that cause an emotional reaction and make people want what you got. That’s what Mayniax does the best.

Ken PetersOwner, Livinawe Productions

There is no company like Mayniax Branding. They can make every step of a project enjoyable. Very creative, very optimistic, I’d recommend them to anyone!

Alan SmithFounder, Lamocu Productions, LLC

I am constantly amazed at the depth of Mayniax Branding’s abilities when it comes to branding. From initial strategy about the image and messages to present, all the way through logo and graphic design; they can put a business on the path to success with his bold ideas.

Patrick CollinsFounder, Ypsilanti Tech Works

Dave, from Mayniax Branding, is very creative. He has the ability to customize his work based on the customer’s interest or passion. More than a business professional, he has the personality of an artist and loves what he does. As an alumni of the University of Michigan, I trust his capability of doing excellent work and helping local business owners with their branding needs. I highly recommend to meet him with a cup of coffee or beer, in our wonderful city of Ann Arbor!

Haiping SunOwner, Haitech Mall

Mayniax Branding is passionate about their work and deliver the best to every client. If you’re looking to make your personal brand attractive and professional then Mayniax Branding is the team for you!

David AlexanderCOO, Mobileteer