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Your first gutsy step was heading out on your own to become an entrepreneur! Your next gutsy step is right here, right now. It’s setting your brand up to become the success you’ve always dreamed it would be. Schedule a consultation.

Consultations are available in any of the following four topics:

1. Culture
Do you know your personal “why”? Have you put your values front and center as your brand’s values? Have you figured out the vision for your brand? If not, fret not, gutsy entrepreneur! You and The Big Guy will get cracking on figuring all that out. Because without a culture built around those things, no one will care about your brand.

2. Strategy
In the world of branding, culture’s king, but no one will ever learn about your culture without a strategy that gets you noticed. No worries, gutsy entrepreneur, that’s what this consultation’s for! You and The Big Guy will discuss the types of research you should be doing to differentiate yourself from the top competitors in your field.

3. Design
Do your business cards, website, letterhead and “thank you” card match up? Is the look consistent and do they make sense as representatives of your brand? Is your website intuitive or does it cause people coronaries? Is your logo memorable? This consultation is all about tightening those things up so your brand is instantly recognizable in your community.

4. Miscellaneous
Do you have general branding questions? Do you want understand brand culture, brand strategy, and/or brand design better? Well good news: This is where that happens!

Consultations are $180 for 1 hour or $320 for 2 consecutive hours.

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