Dave Murray

Dear Entrepreneurs, the World Needs You!

Dear Entrepreneurs, The World Needs Your dreams!

Your dream is more important than you realize.

When Vanessa and I started Mayniax Branding, it was with the intent of helping gutsy entrepreneurs live their dreams. But man, we never anticipated the immense responsibility of that intent. Many of our clients have dreams built on benevolence. On helping others in a huge way. And it’s incredible.

We Can’t Rely on the Government

Mayniax Branding - You don't change the world in a voting booth. You change it by being gutsy.
I’m not a big fan of government. While everyone’s getting worked up about elections, I’m all like, “Who gives a crap?” It’s not that I don’t think people in government want to help. I actually believe they do – badly! The problem, to me, is that government’s no longer effective. There’s too much division, and too many rules, regulations, and lobbyists to affect any real change. Fortunately, that’s where you, the gutsy entrepreneur, come in.

We Can Rely on Entrepreneurs

Mayniax Branding - Entrepreneurship's not for sissies!
Almost every entrepreneur we come across, whether they’re clients or not, has the same passion: They want to help people. We work with one who wants to ultimately build training centers for homeless people so they can find jobs easier. We work with another who wants to help impoverished African-Americans realize their dreams are within their grasp. One of our business partners is in it to help high school students understand what it really takes to get hired, so they have a shot at living their dreams! We’ve worked with others who want to help people live longer, healthier lives through nutrition and exercise. Seriously, how cool are these people!?!

I don’t believe the government’s in a position to help, but the entrepreneurs I mentioned are. These are the people who have the power to change the world. They’re the people who get shit done. And they want to do it by making others’ dreams come true. Seriously, how cool are these people? And how cool are those dreams?

And I’m willing to bet you’re one of those entrepreneurs, too.

Mayniax Branding - Gutsy entrepreneurs run on passion and caffeine. Lots of caffeine.
Vanessa’s and my dream is to help entrepreneurs – you – live the lives you deserve. To stop you from settling. We could’ve done anything with that dream. We could’ve started with a gym or a restaurant that caters to entrepreneurs. We could’ve started with a salon that caters to entrepreneurs. We could’ve started with a design company, a photo company, or a coffee company that caters to entrepreneurs – after all, we do dig the caffeine. We could’ve started with any of those, but we didn’t. We started with brand strategy. We started with brand strategy because it’s the most important, most long-lasting thing you can do for yourselves, your businesses, your teams, and your clients. It’s the first step in making sure you don’t settle. The first step in making your dreams come true.

Because your dreams are too damned important to die.

Stay gutsy, gang!