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Mayniax Branding Prices for 2017!

Mayniax Branding Prices for 2017!

Every service professional who saw that headline just died a little. “You can’t tell everyone your prices! You’re supposed to get them in the door first, make them need what you’re selling, and then hit them with your prices! What are you, some kind of moron!?!”

I don’t know. Maybe.

But here’s the thing: I believe those who need better lives will make them happen. Notice I typed “need” and not “want.” Those who want better lives will whine to others about wanting better lives, but when presented with opportunities to do something about it, they’ll just come up with excuses.

People who need better lives, however, will find ways to make it happen. Those are the people we’re here for. They’re the gutsy entrepreneurs we’re obsessively talking about, because they’re who we’re obsessed with helping.

Full Disclosure: I’m a huge Tony Horton fan

If you don’t know who that is, he’s “the P90X guy.” The dude who’s always telling you to “Do your best, and forget the rest!” Look him up. He’s a pretty cool dude.

Horton’s a hardcore guy. I don’t mean he’s gonna yell and scream at you until you’re scared to death – I just mean he’s no-nonsense. In an interview he did for InsideQuest, Tony talks about how, in order to prevent your life from sucking, you need to align your purpose with your career. He’s done that. I’ve done that. And a big part of branding is making sure that we help you do that, too.

So, with all that typed, let’s get to the pricing!

The Product of Mayniax Branding!

Yes friends, just like we advise all of you, we sell one product! We’re brand strategists, so we sell branding, and only branding, because focus is kind of a big deal. And we sell it three different ways.

Brand Consultation – Price: $180 / hr.

When we consult with entrepreneurs about their brands, we talk about a lot of things. Everything from why they started their company to narrowing their focus, to making sure their verbiage is easy to understand, etc.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs can’t pay for our services, so we’ll look at our checklist, and teach them how to do some of it. We do that because branding is the most important thing you can do for your business. And we don’t want brands to get started on the wrong foot. We’re cool like that.

Fill out this form and we’ll sit down with you to talk about our type of brand consultation. Oh, and there will definitely be caffeine.

Brand Audits – $500, plus $100 per employee if there are more than three of you

If that seems like a strange cost-structure, it’s because it is – but there’s a method to the madness. In Some Objective Branding Benefits, I wrote about a concept called “brand alignment.” With brand alignment, every employee and customer / potential customer understands what the brand’s about. That leads to the business making twice as much money. So it’s crucial for us to interview your employees, as well as you.

In a brand audit, we use a checklist of the things we do when creating a brand – which sometimes takes as many as 31 steps – and mark what’s good and bad about yours. We’ll then talk about it with you, and let you know how much it would cost to fix what needs fixing. If you want us to fix it, great! If not, no worries.

In the event the cost to fix your brand is greater than what you spent for the audit, the audit’s cost will be deducted from the fixing-your-brand cost.

Are you ready for a brand audit? Go here so we can get the process rolling!

Building a Brand – $16,000 – $20,000 for Small Businesses, with 10 employees or fewer

This is for the whole big branding package, including a brand strategy guide and a design guide. These will make it so everything about your brand is consistent as it grows.

When we build a brand, we create a look and strategy based on competitive research, and a personality based on you, the entrepreneur. We dig into why you do what you do, so your brand can start building an authentic reputation and culture. We help you set up your social media, and work with website designers so everything conforms to your brand. And we make sure your brand is simple, for both you, and your potential clients.

Most importantly, we get your brand focused, because a focused brand stays on the top of your clients’ and potential clients’ minds. And that’s what branding’s all about.

We’re big fans of our progression pricing model, so you’ll be able to break everything up into smaller payments. And then ramp them up when you’re able.

Fill out this form, so we can get together to chat about how we’d build your own gutsy brand!

We Also Put on Branding Workshops

When you’re leaving our Mayniax Branding website, a window will pop-up asking if you’d like to sign up for our newsletter. Sign up for it, and you’ll be kept in the loop as to the when and where for our branding workshops.

I Hope You Made it Through All That

It was a lotta typing. And now my fingers hurt. I’m gonna go ice them while I think about the immense pain I’ll be in after tomorrow’s workout. After which I may wrap my whole body in ice.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at contact@mayniaxbranding.com, and we’ll go from there. Have a blast, and of course…

Stay gutsy, gang!

Dave Murray

Focus: A Brand Strategy Assignment

Focus IS Brand Strategy!

Hello, class! I’m Professor Dave. For anyone who wants to do any brown-nosing, I enjoy Hershey’s bars, Dragon’s Milk, and the occasional Granny Smith Apple – the non-poisonous variety, of course. And when you’re done giving me any of those, leave. I abhor ass-kissers.

Today, I’ll be teaching you all about focus, which is one of the key aspects of brand strategy. And at the end, I’ll even give you some homework! If this were real school, you’d be ticked – but, since this assignment will make you a whole lotta cash, you’ll dig it.

Now, on to Focus

Mayniax Branding - Focus on those googly eyes!

I write a lot about focus. The reason being I believe it’s the billion-dollar idea that almost no corporation, let alone entrepreneur, wants to deal with.

Consider, however, the fact Apple – the second most valuable company in the world – nearly went bankrupt in the mid-’90s. So how did it survive? For one thing, Steve Jobs asked Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, for $150,000,000 to help keep Apple afloat. Gates obliged. The second thing Jobs did was eliminate a whole lotta product lines. In short, he focused.

Consider the fact Chipotle, a company that’s kept its product focused, started life on the stock market at $42.20 per share in 2006, and as of this writing, is at $621.69 per share.

And finally, consider the fact LEGO, a company that nearly went belly-up in 2004, is now the number one toy company in the world. And all they do is make building blocks.

So Who Doesn’t Focus?

mayniax branding - It makes me incredibly sad when entrepreneurs don't focus

For one, Google. Google puts its name on everything! In the old days, Google pretty much meant “search.” Now, it’s put its name on so many different products, people aren’t sure what it means. And, while I’m sure most still think of it as search, the fact is Google’s losing market share. A lot of people who are paid a lot of money are, I’m sure, running reports trying to figure out what’s up. Brand strategists, however, know the answer: its name’s on too much stuff! Google’s not focused.

Now, since they came up with a parent company called Alphabet, we’re actually excited about Google. They have the opportunity to right the ship, and go back to making Google mean search, while their other brand names can stand for everything else they’re doing. Now, let’s see if they do it.

Another one’s McDonald’s. Poor, poor McDonald’s. I actually feel bad for McDonald’s. I, however, wrote about McDonald’s in the same post I linked to in the Google paragraph, so you can read my thought’s there. That typed, Al Ries – who’s pretty much the father of brand strategy / positioning – agreed with me in a piece he wrote for Ad Age.

And Now for the Brand Focus Assignment

One of our rules is: One Brand. One Product. One Target Market.

Mayniax Branding Rule - One Brand. One Product. One Target Market.

I’m sure, even after all my explaining above, that still seems insane to you. Don’t worry, though – I’m going to set it up so you can see the results for yourself. And then, you too can join the gutsy ones.

Step One: Identify all the different products / services you offer.
Step Two: Identify the one that makes the most money.
Step Three: Create a new brand that only sells the product / service that makes the most money.

What you’ll end up with are two brands. The first brand is the one that sells everything – including the product / service identified in Step Two. That’s what you’ve been doing, so I know that’s the comfort zone. The second brand is focused solely on that one product / service that makes you the most money.

Once you’ve created both brands, advertise the hell out of them. Remember that branding takes a while, but what you’ll eventually see is that the second brand will make more money than the same product in the first brand.

Or, you could stop wasting your time, and create separate brands for all the products / services you offer. It’s unconventional. It’s a lot more front-end work. It even takes longer to see results. But if you want a better life that eventually leads to a lot less struggle, it’s the smart, and gutsy, thing to do.

If you’re not sure how to brand, and you’re in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area, feel free to fire an email to contact@mayniaxbranding.com. If you’re not in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area, then read past and future articles from this very blog. You should get a pretty good understanding of how branding and brand strategy works.

And with that, I’m out!

Now, where the crap did I put that Dragon’s Milk?

Stay gutsy, gang!