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21 True Confessions of a Gutsy Entrepreneur

21 True Confessions of a Gutsy Entrepreneur

The last couple months have been crazy! And by that, I mean I went a little crazy. Not clinically, of course – I prefer to not receive an official diagnosis – but I most definitely snapped a bit.

For the last several years, I’ve been averaging 60 – 70-hour work weeks. And, with Vanessa’s second kid due in about a month, I’ve been doing a lot on top of those 60 – 70-hours. For instance, we have a lot of legacy clients – we used to be product photographers for the automotive industry – needing work done. And, coincidentally enough, we’re working on another brand to handle that work. All this while keeping personal commitments and still working to help gutsy entrepreneurs, because those are the people I want so desperately to help.

Of course, none of that is an excuse for snapping at people. There is no excuse for that.

One of the great entrepreneurial lessons we learned a couple years ago is that we can’t do it all alone. And, after snapping in a few meetings, and at a few people who’d done nothing wrong, I realized I needed help. Not as in a therapist, but as in people to take some of the workload off my hands.

Besides, poor Vanessa’s basically my therapist. Heh heh.


Anyway, when you’re a person who considers himself strong, and you let stress and the workload get to ya enough to where you snap at people you like and respect, it’s time to make a few changes. I’ve already found some people to take the workload off, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. But I’m sure I have a few more changes to make.

The entrepreneurial road is far from easy, gang, but we trudge through it. Because we have to. And because we believe in what we’re doing. With that, here are 21 true confessions from me, a gutsy entrepreneur. Some funny. Some serious. All true.

Confessions From The Big Guy!

1. I study the greatest people in their fields, not for quotes on Instagram and Twitter – though that is a bonus – but to see how they tick, and what drives them.

2. Bugs Bunny > Mickey Mouse; Star Wars > Star Trek; Muppets > Sesame Street

3. For the last few years, I’ve been scared to date because I’m afraid I’ll lose focus on our mission. Though I’m definitely working on getting over that one. And fast.

4. I want Mayniax Branding to help more entrepreneurs than the governments of the world claim to help.

5. I sometimes wish I didn’t have so many friends. Not that I’d ever get rid of any of them, I just feel bad when they ask me to do something, and I can’t because of helping entrepreneurs.

6. I believe monkeys are always funny. It’s the chimps you gotta look out for.

7. I haven’t had a vacation since I was 19.

8. I study Steve Jobs’ second tenure at Apple because that’s when the branding magic really happened, both culturally and strategically.

9. I once got a black eye from drunkenly picking a fight with a sidewalk.

10. If I don’t exercise five or six days per week, I feel lazy.

11. I think organized religion, politics, and money are dumb. They keep us divided, and I prefer we focus on things that bring us together. And I recognize the irony, since brand strategy is about differentiation.

12. I think Scrubs is television’s all-time greatest show. Except season 9. Season 9 didn’t happen.

13. I’m an extreme minimalist because I don’t like cluttering my brain, or place, with a lot of dumb things.

14. In spite of a few blog posts, and an image, I’ve never actually kicked a puppy.

Dave Murray, the Big Guy at Mayniax Branding, soaked and imploring you to not make him want to kick puppies.

15. I believe the pursuit, and attainment, of happiness – whatever that means to you – is all that really matters.

16. In the event of nuclear annihilation, the only survivors will be cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Tony Horton.

17. I believe my staying healthy is a responsibility not only to myself, but to current and future friends, family, and clients.

18. My food weaknesses include Blimpy Burger, pizza, tacos, anything peanut butter and chocolate, Salted Cara-melo-Oh! cookies from Busch’s, and pretty much any other kind of cookie. Feel free to judge.


19. I think George Carlin was the greatest philosopher of our time.

20. As blunt and tough as I can be on our clients, I’m much tougher on myself.

21. When I’m feeling particularly cocky, I say, “Hey, it’s me.” Because Han Solo.

In Closing

Most anyone who knows me will say I have a whole lot more confessions in me, and they’d be right. But hey, I need something to write later on down the road, right?

I hope you got behind some of these, or at least understand how the entrepreneur’s path – even mine – is a difficult one. I make mistakes. I beat myself up over them. And I get introspective. After that, I get a refresh and a reboot – sometimes to the head – and get back to work. Because really, that’s all any of us can do.

Have fun, and as always,

Stay gutsy!

Dave Murray

Mayniax Branding Prices for 2017!

Mayniax Branding Prices for 2017!

Every service professional who saw that headline just died a little. “You can’t tell everyone your prices! You’re supposed to get them in the door first, make them need what you’re selling, and then hit them with your prices! What are you, some kind of moron!?!”

I don’t know. Maybe.

But here’s the thing: I believe those who need better lives will make them happen. Notice I typed “need” and not “want.” Those who want better lives will whine to others about wanting better lives, but when presented with opportunities to do something about it, they’ll just come up with excuses.

People who need better lives, however, will find ways to make it happen. Those are the people we’re here for. They’re the gutsy entrepreneurs we’re obsessively talking about, because they’re who we’re obsessed with helping.

Full Disclosure: I’m a huge Tony Horton fan

If you don’t know who that is, he’s “the P90X guy.” The dude who’s always telling you to “Do your best, and forget the rest!” Look him up. He’s a pretty cool dude.

Horton’s a hardcore guy. I don’t mean he’s gonna yell and scream at you until you’re scared to death – I just mean he’s no-nonsense. In an interview he did for InsideQuest, Tony talks about how, in order to prevent your life from sucking, you need to align your purpose with your career. He’s done that. I’ve done that. And a big part of branding is making sure that we help you do that, too.

So, with all that typed, let’s get to the pricing!

The Product of Mayniax Branding!

Yes friends, just like we advise all of you, we sell one product! We’re brand strategists, so we sell branding, and only branding, because focus is kind of a big deal. And we sell it three different ways.

Brand Consultation – Price: $180 / hr.

When we consult with entrepreneurs about their brands, we talk about a lot of things. Everything from why they started their company to narrowing their focus, to making sure their verbiage is easy to understand, etc.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs can’t pay for our services, so we’ll look at our checklist, and teach them how to do some of it. We do that because branding is the most important thing you can do for your business. And we don’t want brands to get started on the wrong foot. We’re cool like that.

Fill out this form and we’ll sit down with you to talk about our type of brand consultation. Oh, and there will definitely be caffeine.

Brand Audits – $500, plus $100 per employee if there are more than three of you

If that seems like a strange cost-structure, it’s because it is – but there’s a method to the madness. In Some Objective Branding Benefits, I wrote about a concept called “brand alignment.” With brand alignment, every employee and customer / potential customer understands what the brand’s about. That leads to the business making twice as much money. So it’s crucial for us to interview your employees, as well as you.

In a brand audit, we use a checklist of the things we do when creating a brand – which sometimes takes as many as 31 steps – and mark what’s good and bad about yours. We’ll then talk about it with you, and let you know how much it would cost to fix what needs fixing. If you want us to fix it, great! If not, no worries.

In the event the cost to fix your brand is greater than what you spent for the audit, the audit’s cost will be deducted from the fixing-your-brand cost.

Are you ready for a brand audit? Go here so we can get the process rolling!

Building a Brand – $16,000 – $20,000 for Small Businesses, with 10 employees or fewer

This is for the whole big branding package, including a brand strategy guide and a design guide. These will make it so everything about your brand is consistent as it grows.

When we build a brand, we create a look and strategy based on competitive research, and a personality based on you, the entrepreneur. We dig into why you do what you do, so your brand can start building an authentic reputation and culture. We help you set up your social media, and work with website designers so everything conforms to your brand. And we make sure your brand is simple, for both you, and your potential clients.

Most importantly, we get your brand focused, because a focused brand stays on the top of your clients’ and potential clients’ minds. And that’s what branding’s all about.

We’re big fans of our progression pricing model, so you’ll be able to break everything up into smaller payments. And then ramp them up when you’re able.

Fill out this form, so we can get together to chat about how we’d build your own gutsy brand!

We Also Put on Branding Workshops

When you’re leaving our Mayniax Branding website, a window will pop-up asking if you’d like to sign up for our newsletter. Sign up for it, and you’ll be kept in the loop as to the when and where for our branding workshops.

I Hope You Made it Through All That

It was a lotta typing. And now my fingers hurt. I’m gonna go ice them while I think about the immense pain I’ll be in after tomorrow’s workout. After which I may wrap my whole body in ice.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at, and we’ll go from there. Have a blast, and of course…

Stay gutsy, gang!